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R & I  Electronics S.A.
Electronic timing equipment for pistol ranges
About us

Established in 1980, R&I Electronics S.A. enjoy an enviable reputation for designing and manufacturing reliable and accurate digital timing equipment to control the turning targets on Pistol Club ranges within Australia and overseas.  Offering a range of models, both the ISSF and Universal timers are custom built with varying options to suit each individual Pistol Club.
Most models offer optional UHF coded wireless remote control for either simple start/stop functions, or the recently released all match remote control which provides all match operation from within 75m of the timer. This allows full roaming capability for the Range Officer to operate the timer remotely. All the UHF wireless remote controls are security coded so that when more than one timer is in use, there is no interaction between the timers or any interference from external UHF sources.
Input and target output voltages range from 12 or 24VAC or DC and 240VAC . While 240VAC is usual in Australia, the option of various input and output voltages is available to suit any individual range. The normal target arrangement allows three sets of five targets to operate independently or in unison. An additional fourth target switch is available as an option.     All R & I Electronics products offer an unconditional 12 months warranty.

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