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This all new timer has been specially designed to provide accurate target timing for all of the NRA Action Match events. It is ideal for those Clubs which already have timers for the ISSF/SERVICE/WA1500 matches. Using microprocessor control with a highly accurate quartz clock allows free roaming security coded UHF remote control selection of all of the NRA Action Match events:
Los Alamitos, Tyro, Combat and Speedload are covered by the RED program.
Flying M, Moving Target, Rapid-fire, Practical, Advanced Military, Barricade,
Moving Target 2. Falling Plate, Speed Event, Crawford Barricade, Ambidextrous
and Unsupported Standard Match are all covered by the BLACK program.
All match times are in numerical order for ease of selection. The front panel time selector buttons are not used in the remote mode but provide a backup in the event of a lost or damaged remote control.

Quartz crystal time reference ensures extremely accurate timing and an inbuilt extra time of 100 milliseconds eliminates any possibility of ‘short’ timing. Accuracy is independent of input voltage and frequency variations.

The RED or BLACK program and all their match times can be selected, started or cancelled from the handheld UHF remote control or manually from the timer front panel push buttons. All target face times and delays are fully programmed. The targets return for scoring automatically 7 seconds after the conclusion of any sequence. The UHF wireless remote control is individually security coded to allow multiple timers to be used simultaneously on the one range without cross or external UHF radio interference.

Three front panel switches allow independent control of separate target banks on the same range. A fourth front panel target switch is available as an option. If multiple target banks are required to operate simultaneously, all can be controlled from just one of the three switches provided.

Timer input and target output voltage 240VAC. Standard
Timer input and target output voltage 12VDC (Option 1 no charge)
Timer input 240vac, target output voltage 12 or 24v DC or AC (Option 2)

Robust steel cabinet finished in charcoal powder coating with brushed anodized silver front panel with silk screened lettering and brushed chrome handles. Dimensions: Width 360 mm. Height 110 mm. Depth 240 mm.

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